Do you like my artwork?

You can purchase a lot of my pictures in the form of buttons, bookmarks or other small items. Professional prints of various sizes and some originals are also available.

Custom drawn pictures

If you enjoyed my artworks, I can also create a picture exactly according to your wishes. I offer various types of commissions, from small icons and illustrations to large pictures you can hang on the wall.

Client feedback

If you enjoy Dragarta's artworks and want to have a picture with your own fursona, you will be satisfied! It was infact her artworks that attracted me in the first place! You can tell she makes an effort to draw your ACEO, so it is faithful to your reference sheet or provided sketches. She will show you her sketches every step of the way and get them approoved before moving on. Her professional artwork is truly remarkable and I'm very satisfied with the result! She is also an open-minded and kind person and I am delighted with her personality, so don't be afraid to ask for anything. I hope I can do a commission again with her! Thank you so much, Dragarta!
T. H. | Japan
Dragarta is a wonderful artist, whom I have followed for a few years prior to commission on a couple of other websites. It's been wonderful to see them post anything, it's always been so colourful. Come to actually commissioning, the experience overall was delightful! Through planning, design, and process updates, the experience was very enjoyable and always had me excited for the next update. All the way through 'til the end it was a wonderful process to commission Dargarta and I would enjoy to do so again. :) Very positive experience overall. Receiving my commission has been great as well. Actually seeing it in person is even better than the photos, although the photos are great too of course. The pendant commissions are a wonderful little thing and I would recommend them to anyone. For something so detailed to be so small, it's absolutely amazing and I'm very, very satisfied with my finished commission that I'd love to commission again. Again, It's been a real pleasure to work with Dragarta the entire process and I would recommend again. :)
Avelos | Canada
I've always was a fan of this artist's work, and wanted a piece. When I saw the pet commissions on sale I jumped on board. There was a sense of professionalism when talking to Dragarta but maintaining a personality as well during conversation. Piece arrived intact and undamaged, I would buy from them again.
Jared Kluge | USA
I enjoyed working with you on this commission. You were very professional but were also clearly not afraid of a little friendly chatting as well, which as a fellow artist and someone who has a small amount of social anxiety, is something that I can respect a lot. I get less anxious and much more comfortable when the other person immediately comes off as friendly and understanding, it makes the whole process go very smooth! I've also been a fan of your work for several years now but only recently have been able to think about commissioning you, so when I saw that your Keychain commissions were open I just had to get one! And I am very happy with the results! <3
Kayleigh C. | USA
Dragarta is absolutely an unique artist. I was working on my character's design and wished to see her conceptual view about it. I commissioned an ACEO piece from her and It was just wonderful! I am very impressed with her artwork; she is very professional, kind, open-minded and easily realized what I had in mind. I couldn't be happier, Fiver is just fantastic!
Helena Louback aka Fiver Cat | Brazil
Working with this artist was a true pleasure, contact is pleasant, often and pretty regular. When you commission something you get exactly what you ask for as during the process you get correspondence asking for your opinion and insight plenty of times to make sure you, the commissioner, gets exactly what you want. The price is fair, the quality amazing, and the style is unique, all in all if you have some coin, you wont get dissapointed.
Ray aka Avarus Lux | Netherlands
Dragarta displays a certain level of professionalism that often isn't found any more, or at least not amongst online venues. She makes sure to stay active and provide updates, whenever possible, and isn't afraid to have a little side-chatter either! Great for working out ideas, and figuring out how to make something else 'click', which is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all the time you spent; the piece came out stunningly.
Michael LeMieux | USA
Dragarta not only kept in contact with me through the entire process, but also gave me updates about the art if they were unable to have a photo of the progress (they were moving at the time so it was difficult for them to get the scanner up and running for a proper picture). They also gave me preliminary sketches of pose and proper stance before starting on the main piece! Dragarta also has very fair prices for the amount of AWESOME quality and was more than willing to work with me when I did not have the full payment till a little later than commissioning. I will CERTAINLY commission them again!
Sarah K. | USA
Just wanted to tell you, your keychains arrived safely and they're super amazing! <3 I really love them, they look even better in RL, so clean and detailed :D Thank you very, very much! Anytime again c: Keep the good work up, you rock!
Ramona Tetzlaff | Germany
I really love the way the keychain turned out. I was really impressed how fast your work was done, especially considering the amazing outcome. Also the shipping to Germany was without issues and I received it only few days later. Although unfortunately both the keychain and my relationship are broken by now, I still kept it and still do not regret commissioning you. If I am ever in a need of a new one I will defenitely check your commission status for a new one.
Marcus Spaller | Germany
Dragarta created a stunning key chain of my fox character with special attention to all of his details. Her talent with drawing animals and her professional approach made for a very nice commission experience.
Elizabeth Boudreau | USA
I purchased a print and custom keychain. Both came really fast, look professional and they are really well made. She is really kind and fast in communication. I am 100% satisfied and for sure will come back.
Marta D. | Poland
I had purchased an ACEO from Dragarta and the artwork came out beautifully. She paid very close to the details of my personal fursona, Hellfyre, such as: colorations, attitude of the dragon, expressions, and what I had asked for within the drawing itself. Furthermore the ACEO was produced within a timely manner. Take the chance to get a hold of an ACEO from her.
K.B. | USA
I've been a client for several years through my time on and off deviantART, and have received several commissions and prints over that time. Contact is easy, artist is incredibly flexible, and talented with her skills. I've not had one issue in terms of communication, shipping, or quality of the artworks. I've always been extremely happy with her, and will come straight to her for any and all future design commissions.
Ashley H. | Australia
The whole process was very straightforward and simple. I presented my idea and where I thought I wanted to go with it, and you gave feedback on execution and style. It only took a few exchanges to reach common ground and understanding and to be sure we both knew where we wanted to commission to go and how to get there. It was fun and interesting, and actually helped to clarify the outcome in my mind as well. No disappointments here!
Michelle Huston | USA
With regards to my first commission from Dragarta, a drawing of my character Silkara, she was very friendly, cooperative, and made the whole process smooth and easy. I felt she understood very well what I was asking for and paid close attention to details. The prelimary sketch process was great and allowed me to make any changes as necessary, although few were needed! I also felt the pricing was very fair and I got a great drawing for what I paid. Overall I was extremely pleased with the result.
Evelynne P. | USA
This was very nice cooperation, the final product has satisfied me in 100%. Also, I was nicely surprised, because I missed open slots but I wrote to Dragarta and I got extra slot! Also, it was done very quickly and I got the package very quick.
Hanna Ś. | Poland
I commissioned a piece of artwork from this artist a while back and her service was wonderful. She showed me a pencil sketch on my artwork before doing the final finishing to see if I approved what she had drawn for me. The final drawing was great and it was delivered to me without any problems.
Kimberly Mattia | USA
I loved the fact that you stayed open-minded on changes that I wanted to be made on the artwork. It was easy and quick to get a response from you when I had questions or comments. When the original has been sent to me, it was well packed, not just thrown in an envelope. And of course, the artwork looked even more beautiful in real life than on the computer!
Alexa Kroese | Canada