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Projects I participate in

Every year I organize a project of Dragon Calendar with fantasy illustrations by Czech and Slovak Artists. Since the calendar for 2019 I publish it in Czech and English and without the Draci.info community involvement.

Dragon Calendar

I run a group for artists interested in trading original ACEO/ATC cards with pictures of various animals. Group is situated on DeviantART and his history dates back to 2006. Since the time we've connected hundreds of artists from all around the world.



  • 11.03.
    Today I officially launched my (Czech) e-shop with originals, prints and small products! I hope you'll enjoy it and maybe share with your friends :) Obchod.Dragarta.com.
  • 17.11.
    The ninth year of our calendars with pictures of dragons is again available to the public. You can order it at our e- shop.
  • 01.01.
    After more than two years, I've updated the prices of my commissions. New prices are valid from 1st January 2016.
  • 22.09.
    We fixed a few minor things and changed the functioning of filtering in the gallery. After a long time I also added latest artworks.
  • 15.03.
    I set up an account at Storenvy! In my store you can find a lot of originals, various prints, buttons and other products for sale. Take a look at dragarta.storenvy.com.
  • 05.10.
    Finally, we welcome you to the brand new website Dragarta.com. Building it was way more difficult then we expected, but I believe that all the work paid off! Many thanks to my husband for launching the site and for infinite patience with my comments :)
  • 15.09.
    I finished the unified visual style of Dragarta "brand". I finally have a real logo!
  • 08.06.
    After almost a year of work, though with long breaks, the website is finally beginning to take a shape. Therefore we closed the old site and put the word "SOON" on the screen instead.
  • 16.07.
    The first work on the new version of the website Dragarta.com started today. I used an old exercise book and began to slowly fulfill it with notes and sketches.