Commission types and prices

On this page you can view a complete pricelist of my commissions. All prices (in EUR) are approximate and may vary depending on the complexity of your specific wish. Each type of commission is related to a specific paper size, but it is possible to modify it and simply calculate the price (11.7 × 16.5" paper costs the same as 2× 8.3 × 11.7" paper, etc.).

These commissions are intended for private use only. If you are interested in commercial use of an ordered illustration, such as a book cover, design for t-shirts, corporate mascot and more, please contact me and all relevant issues will be discussed individually.

Before contacting me, please notice the status at the top right of your selected type of creation.

My current To Do list and status of each commission


Now closed
The base is small, squared or rectangular portrait of your character drawn in colours with a simple background. Image can be created by using traditional techniques or digitally. You will get an icon for web use sized accoring to your wish and the full resolution of the picture. When traditional mediums are used, I can send you original image on about 2 × 2" paper.


Basic price€ 28


Now closed
An original hand-drawn pendant made from shrinkable plastic. After baking, the pendant is about 1.5-2" big, it's sprayed with protective varnish and completed with a key ring, carbine or mobile charm. It's also possible to make two slightly smaller earrings with mirror-facing motif. I prefer choosing the pose from my pre-drawn templates, but I can create the keychain for you individually as well.


Basic price€ 28

Individual pose without template+ € 7
Earrings+ € 7

ACEO card

Now open
A picture in a size of an usual card (2.5 × 3.5") which is often traded or collected. Base price includes a portrait of one character and also a simple background. However, I will gladly draw even more complicated half figure or entire body.


Basic price€ 35

Double ACEO+ € 14


Now closed
A simple pencil sketch depicting one character with no background on 5.8 × 8.3" paper. Picture can be drawn in lines only or with basic shading. I prefer to not send out this type of pictures, but it's your choice.


Basic price€ 21

Each additional character+ € 14
Sketched background+ € 14

Pet portraits

Now closed
According to your photos I will draw realistic portrait or bust of your dog, cat, parrot, horse or other animal :) For this type of commission I use a wide range of 9 × 12" coloured paper (colour samples) and I draw with coloured pencils and dry pastels. To get the best result, I will need you to provide high quality, sharp photos as reference.


Basic price€ 70

Each additional animal+ € 42

Detailed illustration of one character

Now closed
A detailed illustration of one character on 8.3 × 11.7" white paper or 9 × 12" coloured paper. For an additional fee I can add a simply drawn piece of background or another character. For this type of commission I use a wide range of coloured paper (colour samples) and I draw with coloured pencils and dry pastels.


Basic price€ 98

Each additional character+ € 70
Simple background+ € 21

Full-value illustration

Now closed
The most sophisticated picture that you can order from me. A detailed illustration of one character on 8.3 × 11.7" paper with complex background included. For an additional fee I can add more characters and of course I can also increase the size of the paper. This type of commission can be created by using many different art techniques.


Basic price€ 196

Each additional character+ € 70

Character sheet

Now closed
Character sheet can be combined from variously sized elements, from full image of the character from sideview, to details of the head, wings, legs, eyes etc. This basic offer includes a detailed, coloured picture of the whole character in a simple pose, one important detail in colours and overall completion of the sheet. Most elements are drawn traditionally on paper first and then digitally revised. The final output is carefully processed character sheet with texts intended for further use as a reference for his new owner.


Basic price€ 154

Each additional small detail+ € 21
Each additional bigger detail+ € 42
Pawprints or silhouette+ € 14

Prices are valid from 5th January 2019

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